About Beth


You may be weeks, months or even years into your health and recovery journey. You may be in the “diagnosis” or “getting answers” phase and therefore very early into this journey. You may be in the treatment and recovery phase. Or you may be long past all that and living with the management of a lingering health issue.

And if you’re like most of my clients, the consequences of your health issue has impacted every part of your life. You may have little clarity over where you are right now in your health journey, let alone what the outcome is that you are moving towards. You may wonder how do you weave your health journey into your life journey? How do you make sense of it all so that you live your life with purpose, intention and meaning right now?

Many clients often say that life has become all about “managing” their health.

When they come to me, many clients are overwhelmed by what they are facing in their health journey road ahead. They feel overtaken by the physical, emotional and cognitive consequences of living in a body that isn’t functioning the way it once did. Some are living from doctor’s appointment to doctor’s appointment or from treatment to treatment, and life is about “getting through” the day.

Like some of my clients, you may feel confused by the differing expert opinions you’ve been given regarding what you “should” do and what you “can” expect in your health journey. Some of my clients even express feeling frustrated and under the microscope of well-intentioned “advice” from their family and friends – the armchair experts in their life.

Many of my clients are asking if they’ll be able to return to work, return to their studies, return to the social and recreational activities they love. And if so, then “WHEN?” becomes the next question. Perhaps you just don’t know if or how you will return to life as you knew it.

Like so many of the people I work with, you may also experience some degree of “identity crisis” as you move through your health journey. Your sense of self may feel flattened by the consequences of your injuries, illness or cancer. You may have “lost” your voice and don’t know how to advocate for yourself with your team of doctors, treatment providers, employer, family and friends. And in struggling to find your voice, it can be even more difficult to anchor to a strong identity of who you are as you move through your health journey.

If any or all of the above resonates for you, you are not alone.
Your path along your health journey can be different!

I’ve seen all of this and more in my 25+ years working with clients recovering from a serious health issue. In all those years, too frequently I witnessed people getting stuck and overwhelmed, often lacking a clear and focused path through their health challenges. I became increasingly aware that the medical, healthcare and third party systems in which I worked as an occupational therapist and in which my clients were navigating, weren’t necessarily the most efficient or effective at supporting them to move through their health journey.

If I wanted to change how my clients moved through this, then I had to shift my beliefs. And so I got curious about common patterns I was seeing in my clients’ experience and what I was experiencing as a clinician.

And four key thoughts kept surfacing over and over for me:

“The journey through any serious health issue or crisis doesn’t have to be this complicated.”

“Clients don’t have to lose their voice and identity.”

“The client needs to believe and embody that they are the driver of their

“The client absolutely needs support and guidance for these to happen.”

How shifting my beliefs laid the foundation for my current practice as a Health Coach.

Long story short…I left behind the world in which I was practicing Occupational Therapy. I strengthened my skill set by becoming a certified Health Coach. And I combine my OT experience, knowledge and wisdom with the principles and grace of coaching to help you navigate your health journey.

In my current practice, I weave into my work my 25 years as a clinician, advocate and expert as well as insights from my own life experiences and journeys through injury, concussion and a serious illness.

And I guide you to simplify and become the driver of your health journey as you navigate to the outcome you define.

My beliefs about you and your health journey…

I fully believe that diagnosis, treatment and recovery from any serious health issue can be simplified. I believe that you are the driver of your health journey, and I will help you get clarity so that you move towards the outcomes that are defined by you and most meaningful to how you want to live your life right now.

The most important voice is yours! And I believe that you can strengthen your voice and rebuild, reclaim and renew your identity in the context of your health journey and weave that identity into every corner of a rich life. And I will help you do just that!

I walk alongside my clients through their health  journey whether no matter how far along they are.

You are not meant to do this alone!

You are not meant to move through this process without guidance. You need someone supporting you at key points in this journey. And that support needs to provide a roadmap that clarifies where you are now, what’s working and what isn’t, where you want to get to and just how to get there.

I help you to simplify what you are doing so that you have a clear and focused  plan to help you navigate the journey, no matter what stage you are at.

As a fierce advocate for my clients, I will guide you to develop your voice and support you as you flex your self-advocacy muscle so that you become the driver of your health journey. No outcome is more important to me than witnessing you take ownership of your goals as you move through this.

A bit about my education and work background:

I have a B.Sc. in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo, a B.Sc. in Occupational Therapy from the University of British Columbia and I am an ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach from the Kresser Institute. I am a registered Occupational Therapist and a registered Health Coach.

I have over 25 years’ experience in the rehabilitation field working with hundreds of clients who have sustained serious and traumatic injuries and illnesses including internal injuries, orthopedic injuries, soft tissue injuries, nerve injuries, brain injuries, concussion, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and serious health conditions. I have been a witness to the journeys, struggles and growth of so many with whom I had the privilege to work, and from whom I have grown as a clinician and person.

Moving through an illness, injury or health condition is a journey. 

Let's simplify the journey and put you in the driver's seat.